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Travelling Abroad

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about overseas travel on a Pay As You Go plan. If your query isn’t listed, call Customer Service and we’ll be happy to help.


Are there any roaming charges if I go abroad?

Outgoing calls will be charged at set rates dependent on the country and network the call is made to and from.

What does roaming cost?

To find out the call rates to any destination while you’re roaming outside of UK, simply key in *108* from your phone’s call screen, followed by the recipient’s number, then the # key, and press the call button. The per-minute call rate from your current location will automatically display on your mobile screen.

How do I sign up for roaming?

Every Vectone Mobile SIM is automatically signed up for roaming. When you’re ready to travel, your SIM will be too.

Do I need to dial an access number when calling abroad?

No, simply dial direct. The call savings you make will be handled when Vectone  Mobile routes the call to your destination.

How do I use roaming services when I'm abroad?

1. Switch on your mobile phone.
2. Locate the menu 'Vectone Services' and click on 'Select roaming mode'. Please note that the appearance of this menu may differ from handset to handset (e.g. the menu 'Vectone services' can be seen in the 'SIM Toolkit', but some older handsets  have 'Vectone Service' in the main menu).
3. Once you have selected 'Roaming', you have two further options: 'Automatic' or 'Manual'. We recommend you select 'Manual'.
4. In 'Select Location' select 'Overseas' and exit the menu. You can now enjoy the Vectone Mobile roaming signal. The service will appear within 20-40 seconds. Once you have got the signal you can use the roaming services.
Note: If you want to use Vectone Mobile when you return to the UK (after you have used our roaming services abroad), you have to go through the above procedure and reselect 'In the UK' from the menu 'Select Location'. You will receive a signal within 20-40 seconds.

What is the difference between Regular Roaming and Smart Roaming?

Yes. It’s better to make sure you have correct settings on your phone when you are travelling abroad.

What are the advantages of using Smart Roaming over Regular Roaming?

Smart Roaming has two main advantages:
• It is much cheaper to make outgoing calls using Smart Roaming, compared  to Regular Roaming. Compare the rates and decide for yourself.
• Smart Roaming is available in all destinations, even in countries where you cannot make outgoing calls while on roaming.

Where can I use Smart Roaming?

You can use Smart Roaming almost anywhere in the world. You just need to make sure your mobile phone is properly configured for roaming and you are connected to a local mobile network.

Do I need to set up my phone every time I travel?

Yes. It’s better to make sure you have correct settings on your phone when you are travelling abroad.

Are the phone settings same for Regular Roaming and Smart Roaming?

Yes. The configuration is identical for whichever roaming method you choose.