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Top up and payments

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Pay As You Go and Pay Monthly top ups and payments. If your query isn’t listed, call Customer Service and we’ll be happy to help.


How can I get a Vectone Mobile SIM?

To benefit from the savings Vectone Mobile offers, you need a Vectone Mobile SIM card. You can get a Vectone Mobile SIM card by ordering a starter pack here or from the many shops showing the Vectone Mobile signage. The starter pack is FREE, but you will need to top-up to start making calls.

I have forgotten my PUK / PIN code

Your PUK code is displayed on the SIM Card holder that came in your starter pack. Please retain it for safe keeping. Alternatively, you can call our Customer Service team and they will be glad to assist you.

Can I keep my existing mobile number, if I choose to join Vectone?

You can keep your current mobile number and use it with your new Vectone Mobile SIM. Please text your  "PAC code" and "Vectone number that we will transfer your existing number" to 07574212555. <PAC code> space <Vectone Mobile Number>. Click here to know more.

How do I top up my account?

Once you have purchased a multifunctional top-up voucher from one of our retailers, simply key in *101* from your phone’s call screen, then type the 10-digit PIN number found on the back of the voucher followed by the # key, and press call. Alternatively, you can dial 121 and follow the instructions.

How can I check my account balance?

From your phone’s call screen, key in *102# and press the call button. Your credit balance will automatically display on screen.

How much does it cost to register for a My Vectone?

Registering for a My Vectone account is free! Once registered, you can check your balance, call history, edit your personal details, add credit and much more.

Why did my online transaction fail?

Transactions can fail for different reasons. Here are a few things you should check before trying to top up through our website:

  • Make sure you have signed up for MasterCard SecureCode if you use a Mastercard, or Verified by Visa if you use a Visa card.
  • Make sure the address you enter is correct and matches the information your bank holds on you.
  • Make sure you enter the CVN number on the back of your card correctly.
  • Please also note that your transaction might fail if you are trying to top up from abroad.

If you have checked all of the above and you are still having problems, please contact Customer Service and we’ll happy to assist you.

What is 'Verified by Visa' and 'Mastercard SecureCode'?

Because we take security seriously at Vectone, Mobile we use the official Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode secure payment schemes to process your card payment, adding an extra level of protection for online card payments.

During the payment process, your details will be securely forwarded to your bank's website for verification. The code you use will be known only to yourself and your bank – just like when you tap your PIN into the card reader in a shop. Once your bank has authenticated the transaction, you'll be redirected to Vectone Mobile's website to finish your purchase.

How do I sign up to 'Verified by Visa' and 'Mastercard SecureCode'?

If you have not yet registered your card for 3D Secure Payments you will be asked to do so during the authentication process. You'll just need to confirm a few security details with your own bank and set a password or PIN for future use. Once you've done this, you can use this extra level of security on any website that uses Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode to secure your card transactions. Don't forget to keep your password and PIN safe at all times, making sure you only disclose it on official authentication websites of your bank.

For more information on Verified by Visa
For more information on MasterCard SecureCode

If you have any further questions please contact your card issuer.

How many days will it take to transfer my existing mobile number to my new Vectone SIM?

This process will take 1 working day from receipt of your PAC. When your number transfer has been completed, you will receive a confirmation text from us.